Borgo Paludo's dairy was founded officially in 1923 even if there are some proof that states that around 1900-1905 some families arranged a family-run small dairy.

The cheese factory got attributed the roman numeral “II” (still present in the outer edges) to prove that it is one of the oldest dairies of the regional area. The other historical dairy of Fagagna, the one called “Riolo” was founded a little later in 1928. However there was also the roman numeral “I”, the ancestor, but today it's not existing anymore.

In Fagagna the first dairy rised in 1885 and was marked with roman numeral “I”, it was a role model in all the region because it used a working process based on co-operation. Soon this business model of “co-operative dairy” had a widespread diffusion in all Friulian region with the establishment of many dairies in all the area.