Latteria Borgo Paludo” has often hosted classes and group of different ages and orgins, because the best way to appreciate and to be familiar with a product is to explain to the end user how that product is made, without keeping any secret hidden. The dairyman and his assistants will be very proud to describe very single process needed to make the famous Fagagna's cheese. The recipe is very simple, a lot of good milk from several farms makes a good cheese, high quality milk has been obtained by strict and healthy nutrition rules that each breeder respect scrupulously feeding his livestock in the proper way, a botanical essence scented hay from moraine hills fields, the weather and last but not least a great attention and care in processing good milk to obtain an excellent cheese.

To discover all the dairy secrets and learn everything about the lifecycle of milk you have to book in time calling this number +39 0432/800215 or sending us an email with the subscription form at this email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying who you are, how many people and from where you are coming, we will contact you back as soon as possible.

We remind that to visit the dairy you should be in good health, colds should be avoided!
As you will arrive at the dairy you will receive a disposable smock and special shoes to wear, all this things are needed to fulfill correct hygienical rules for areas of “alive” food processing as milk! After this step the dairyman will guide you trough boiler rooms, presses and salt solutions to discover the fabulous world of milk!