Fresh cheese

Product features

It's a soft and sweet cheese that reminds the milk fragrance.
It have at least 2 months of ripening and a delicate taste that reminds of milk, it's a soft cheese white coloured with few unvarying eyes.
Typicalness of Fagagna's cheese “Latteria” is bound to different factors like the particular area and the weather of moraine hills where is produced, the bovine race, the breeding techniques and the nutrition based on fodder dried by the sun.
After a short time of ripening (2/3 months) the fresh cheese has a characteristic likable and delicate taste that reminds of the milk used in production.
The crust is smooth, elastic and compact and has is white or straw-coloured.
The molds of Latteria of Borgo Paludo can be identified by the brand on the outer edges and by the roman numeral “II”.


It is produced only with cow's unpasteurised milk adding rennet, natural lactic starters and salt.
Its production respect the tradition of ancients dairymen.

During ripening, in the first 40 days stays in cells with a maximum temperature of 14°C and with maximum moisture between 80% and 85%. After this period it's left in rooms with a moisture that is between 70% and 75%.


Fresh cheese nutritional values (based on 100g)

Fat 34,00 g
Protein 25,21 g
Carbohydrate 1,55 g
Relative humidity 35,51
Energy value 413,12 Kcal