Caciotta "Feagnute"

Product features

It's a fresh cheese made with cow's milk and liquid rennet, it's soft and the colour tends to yellow, semi-cooked.
It has a delicate and sweet taste, with an herbaceous aroma that reminds of floral essence from the surrounding moraine hills fields. There are 3 types of caciotta: normal, chili pepper flavoured, with olives and walnuts.

The caciotta has a cylindrical shape, the sides are slighlty convex and weights from 1 to 2 kilograms.
The crust is thin, smooth or ligtly rough, white or straw coloured.
It's a soft cheese, it's white coloured tending to straw colour, it can have a good compactness or can be lightly eyed.
The taste has the typical sweetnessof the milk and it is delicate, with a deliscious aroma.

Flavoured caciotta “feagnute”

Walnuts caciotta: it comes from the ancient habit to flavour the cheese with parts of shelled walnuts which intensify and enhance the taste.
Olives caciotta: an unmistakable aroma and a fresh taste are obtained through pitted olives cut in quarter-inch rounds.
Chili pepper caciotta: the dried and grinded chili pepper adds to this cheese a lightly spcy taste.

Caciotta's nutritional values (based on 100g)

Fat 28g
Protein 22g
Energy value 260 Kcal