Cow's fresh ricotta

Product features

The ricotta, even if it's a dairy product, cannot be defined as a cheese beacuse it actually is classified as a milk product, it derives from buttermilk, the leftover of cheese processing, in other words the liquid part of milk that gets separated from the curd during dairy processings.

It is a typical soft milk product, compact and bone-white, with a fresh taste and gently sweet thanks to the lactose contained in the buttemilk. Fats can vary according to differents recipes and mainly depends on the addition of whole milk or cream to increase the creaminess. Fat can vary from 8 to 24%. Nutritionally the caciotta is a low-fat product (130-240Kcal/100g), unless whole milk is added.

It has a wide range of uses: consumed fresh with fruits, vegetables and honey or used as an important ingredient in a lot of entrèes, dishes and desserts.