Mozzarella or Fiordilatte

Product features

The mozzarella has this name thanks to the “mozzatura”, a process that consist in cutting a part from the long strip of fresh cheese and shaping it as a “mozzarella”. To create the “mozzarella” cheese the dairyman actually has to roll up on itself the fresh cheese strips and cut them when they reach the right dimension, after that the cheese is put in really cold water to mantain the shape desired from the dairyman.

Because of this the “mozzarella” comes off in flakes on cutting: it is composed of rolled up fresh cheese strips.

The mozzarella is a kneaded-curd rounded cheese and las all products derived from whole milk it has a high fat percentage (55% or more), it has a very delicate taste, fresh and soft to the palate. The mozzarella is a food rich in protein, iron, calcium and vitamins and it's a very good friend for woman's health.

Mozzarella of Fiordilatte nutritional values (based on 100g)

Fat 12,22g
Protein 11,47g
Carbohydrate 23.67g
Enrgy value 248Kcal